Wren McDonald: Citizens, a special Policymaker commission, 2019.

Can we reset democracy?

Policymakr will reset the treatment and perception of politics on the Internet. We want to restore confidence in a model that has been partly broken by the onset of immediate, abundant and unverifiable information.

We will use the tools of the 2020s to restore a modern, functional system for planning humankind’s long-term future.

By reconnecting Citizens and Policy Makers, our Democracy—the best system of government known to man—will be consolidated.


Projects are at the core of Policymakr. Its governance structure, rules and economic model are designed from the ground up to provide an online area for political debate that citizens can trust. The ones listed here as just examples. If you join, you’ll be able to suggest your own projects, and work on them with others.

Earth's hidden plastic problem
Plastic is continuing to be dumped in the world's oceans, and the consequences are even more catastrophic than most of us realize. Work done by, inter alia, Scientific American puts the subject into perspective.
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Managing rising healthcare costs
There are plenty of reasons to be worried about the future financing of healthcare. There is a consensus among economists that most of the Western European countries today run healthcare systems that simply cannot be financed in future.
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The challenge of feeding Africa
While Africa continues to experience the highest occurrence of food insecurity worldwide, the continent also contains over 60 percent of the worlds uncultivated but fertile land.
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Strategies for stemming the opioid epidemic
​The US opioid crisis in the continues to reverberate. Data analytics and technology are being deployed to improve prevention and treatment.
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Palm oil producers are wiping out orangutans
When a palm-oil company fells Sumatran rainforests, orangutans are displaced as the trees are burned. Palm oil is used in approximately 50% of supermarket products.
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A better way of choosing Presidents?
In the 2002 French election, and again the 2017 run-offs, mainstream candidates were eliminated. Similar issues arose in the US system, especially in 2000 and again in 2016. Carefully-prepared institutional reform is a possible solution.
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The right way to deploy 5G
5G wireless technology promises faster speed, low latency, and can handle huge numbers of connections simultaneously. Yet the economics, business model, and ability to monetize these use cases at scale to justify a nationwide rollout of 5G in any country today remain unclear.
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How Policymakr works

There will be three categories of profiles on Policymakr: Citizens, Policy Makers and Experts, working together on Projects aimed at resolving a policy issue. No one will be left out. Members will work together to find the best solution to a problem: one that everyone accepts, because everyone has been listened to, and one that will work in practice. Read more about how Policymakr will be structured and why it’ll be different to anything that exists online now, have a look at the FAQ, and find out which membership category fits you below.

1. Citizens

Any adult resident of a country in which Policymakr operates may open an account and propose a new Project—or join the work on an existing one. Connecting with Policy Makers and Experts will bring Citizens a sense of renewed purpose, intellectual satisfaction, and civic pride.

2. Policy Makers

Policy Makers are those responsible, institutionally, for drafting policy and enacting it into law. Policymakr will give them a trusted vehicle to reconnect with the citizens they represent, and also to seek unbiased expert opinion, free from the pressures of the media and of the Internet.

3. Experts & Institutions

Experts and Institutions are actors with in-depth knowledge of an issue, acquired over time, and underpinned by a robust reputation. It doesn't make sense for the other two actors to in policymaking without having listened to what they have to say and without having engaged in dialogue with them.

Eight key words that define Policymakr


The purpose of Policymakr is to serve the public and the general interest, globally, in the long term. It is not to make money or to enrich its founders.​


There will never be a single ad on Policymakr. The site will run paid accounts and will be exclusively funded by donations, and member subscriptions.


The site’s primary content will be projects curated by members, with a view to drafting and validating a robust, long-term solution to a policy issue.


No affiliation with a party, lobby interest, social class, or religion. Membership open to all, regardless of colour, class, creed, gender, or orientation.


Work on projects carried out by members shall not involve an exchange of unsubstantiated opinion, but only mobilization of verifiable facts.​


All shall show courtesy, approach their work constructively, with an open mind, and with respect for the approaches and proposals of others.

No feed

There will be no news feed of any kind available on Policymakr, and sharing of the content of Policymakr’s Projects on social networks will be discouraged.


We aim to solve problems through amicable, non-partisan study of all relevant facts: partisan political opinions have no place in this process.

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