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Editorials from the Policymakr team.

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash.

Is Policymakr out to replace Facebook?

Policymakr is built on the premise that the reason the Information Age became a challenge for representative democracy was circumstantial, not inevitable. The decentralized, deregulated state of the Internet left the field open to entrepreneurs who were quick to harness it to set up platforms that shared one thing in common: there were for-profit—which Policymakr is not. Thus Facebook is clearly at the heart of this problem. Yet it is aware of that and has stated it will be engaging with potential partners during 2019 to exchange on the subject. We intend to play a full part of that debate.

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What would make a good Policymakr Project?

The question of what would make a good Policymakr project is an important one. The years just before the onslaught of the Information Age provide examples of bipartisan collaboration on difficult subjects that would be inconceivable today. We believe technology can be put to good by selecting Projects that—unlike, say, the debate on Brexit or on the US government shutdown—are suited to constructive, fact-based resolution.

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